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Get Trained and Certified on 10 different pieces of equipment and 10 different site trade skill 9-weeks, $7,200.00 tuition, 6 days a week, with homework.

These Graduates have the skills of a Heavy Equipment Operating Engineer. They have proved that they are competent in these skills. Check them out – then come to Deep Creek Construction School and get yours!


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They do not need to look for work because work is looking for them!

Certified Heavy Equipment Operating Engineers

Training men and women to become equipment operators since 2000

Become a certified; heavy equipment operating engineer, when you enroll at Deep Creek Construction School. The owner and head instructor, Christopher Casey, trains and certifies individuals to become heavy equipment operating engineers in Southern California. He teaches students important equipment and site skills that are essential when performing work at job sites. While many contractors don't know what skills to look for in the equipment operators they hire, Mr. Casey does, and he trains his students to demonstrate these skills so they can perform the necessary work.

Check out the school's latest graduates, all of whom are certified heavy equipment operators and are qualified to be instructors, or contact Mr. Casey to enroll in a training program today.