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About Us

Deep Creek Construction School is a skill development training facility located in Southern California. We are a “small class” training facility that trains about 30 students a year.

We were founded in 2000 and have remained in our current location where we have been training students continuously since July 2001. We develop and certify our students in the trade specific skills of the Heavy Equipment Operating Engineer.

Our mission is to develop 167 trade specific skills in our students, to video verify the most significant portion of their training, and to assist them with finding employment.

We are the only school that videos their students to verify that they demonstrated to standards being qualified on the equipment and site skill certified. No other school has graduates with a “Video Resume Library”, their own YouTube channel, with video’s to show to contractors anti fatigue mats –, their friends, and the world.

Even though we qualify to train for State and Federal agencies, we do not train for the San Bernardino County WIA. This is because, in order to do so, we would need to increase our tuition and/or the number of students trained each year in order to have the resources to satisfy their requirements . Our director will not do that.

We do train veterans. Our director is a U. S. Army – 5th Special Forces Vietnam Veteran and he says that we will train veterans.

Upon completion of our program, our graduates are certified for employment in each and every one of the following jobs.

  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Skip Loader Grader Operator
  • Wheel Loader Operator
  • CAT M Motor Grader Operator
  • Construction Math
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Supervising

  • Backhoe Operator
  • Skidsteer operator
  • Ride-on Trencher Operator
  • Dig Alert
  • Oxygen Acetylene Cutting
  • Spotting

  • Excavator Operator
  • Dump Truck Operator
  • Rigging
  • Grade Checking
  • Air Brakes
  • Safety


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