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You acquired and demonstrated proficiency in 167 trade specific skills. You did the work to Construction Standards. And, you did it all Safely.

Our certificate certifies you for employment in positions to operate all “Yellow” or “Horizontal” equipment. That includes: Dozers, Backhoes, Excavators, Skid Steers, Wheel Loaders, Skip Loader Graders and the CAT M series Road Graders. It certifies you to operate them in every State of the United States. And everywhere else.

Our certificate certifies you for employment in positions for the necessary “Site Skills.” They include: Rigging, Dig Alert, Grade Checking, Construction Math, Oxygen Acetylene Cutting, Air Brakes, Preventative Maintenance, Spotting, Safety, and Supervising.


You will have over 30 videos and pictures to go up on your own YouTube channel. These videos will show you demonstrating your skills. Your YouTube channel will be a video resume library, accessible to the public and to the contractors who see what you can do.

We are a Skill Development Facility – A Trade School

It is our responsibility to develop these skills in you. To develop them to the degree that you can perform them to construction standards and to assist you with finding employment when you graduate. Your responsibility is to trust, allow, and participate with the program.

Special Training Notes

Some people have character malfunctions that fall into a category of either Inappropriate Behavior, Stupidity, and/or Criminal Behavior. A few examples are: sneezing on someone is inappropriate, wearing open toed shoes on a work site falls into the stupidity category, and causing harm to another is criminal. As a student of Deep Creek Construction School you will have the opportunity to overcome these character malfunctions through knowledge and training.You want to become an employee companies would fight to have on their payroll.You want to be able to do the work properly and safely.

Your training will be conducted in a high wind and noisy environment. Personal, Equipment, and Environmental safety are our primary concerns. To gain the attention of a student on equipment doing something improper, the instructor has been directed to do whatever is necessary to stop the action. Expect the instructor to go from “Calm” to “Fully Engaged” to correct any inappropriate behavior.

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