Finance Loan Information

The tuition program cost is $7,200.00.
We offer an Educational loan package that is managed, in part, through a company called Tuition Options. The loan works like this:
There is a down payment of $3,000.00 required.
The Interest rate on the $4,200.00 loan is 18%.
It is a two year (24 month) loan.
Your payments will be about $210.00 a month.
Your payments will start the first of the month after your graduation date.

To qualify, you will need:
The down payment of $3,000.00.
A credit application filled out – you will receive the application at your orientation.


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We intend to train and certify you on 10 pieces of heavy equipment, what we refer to as “horizontal” or “yellow” equipment. We also intend to train and certify you in 10 different site skills.