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Excavator Training and Certification


The excavator has its own special characteristics that make it different form all of the rest. The work it does is much like the backhoe but It is much bigger and much more powerful than a backhoe. The excavator operates on tracks and it has more swing,

Our job is to develop in you the bucket skills that you will need to have to become certified with the Excavator. Actually, when you complete our training, you will be able to figure out and operate all of the Excavators that are out there.


To get certified on the Excavator here at Deep Creek Construction School, you will need to successfully demonstrate all of the following:

  • Memorized safety information
  • A complete walk around safety inspection
  • Control Identification
  • Start Up Procedures
  • Back Bucket Specific Tasks
  • The ability to control the bucket.
  • Dig a two foot deep flat bottom trench the full reach with proper placement of the spoil pile within 10 minutes.
  • Dig in a straight line.
    • Shutdown Procedures
    • Preventative Maintenance Checklist