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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is the combination of “having the skills and developing the habit to look after and take care of”. It is a Hall Mark Indicator of a Professional. It shows to everyone the desire, ability, and habit of looking after and take care of themselves, their family, their money, their equipment….. and the list goes on.

The rule of thumb for the productive life of most heavy equipment is that you can get about 4,000 hours of work out of it before you need to purchase another one. That means you need to make enough money during those 4,000 hours to take care of your family, pay for the transportation and operating costs, and have enough left over to “purchase another one”. Then, you can go off and do another 4,000 hours.

I can tell you with confidence that a backhoe not properly greased and maintained will not make it to 4,000 hours and one that is properly greased maintained may make it to 8,000 hours. This means that at 4,000 hours you can eliminate the “purchase another one” and just go off and do 4,000 hours more.

For Training, Wages, Jobs & Enrollment

If we are considering a John Deere 710 backhoe with the “purchase another one” cost to be $162,000.00, then you just saved yourself, or the boss, a lot of money. Or, if you are a contractor and your operator can take this backhoe to the second 4000 hours, a $10.00 an hour raise or a $40,000.00 bonus for doing his part, might be money well spent.


We intend to train and certify you on 10 pieces of heavy equipment, what we refer to as “horizontal” or “yellow” equipment. We also intend to train and certify you in 10 different site skills.