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Skid Steer Certification

To get certified on a Dump Truck here at Deep Creek Construction School you will to be trained to be able to demonstrate that you can operate the truck and the dump safely and properly. You will also be trained to demonstrate that you understand air brakes. You will be able to do a leak test, a compressor test, and a governor test.
The Skid Steer is a small wheel loader that operates in four wheel drive and can spin around like a top. It is great for working in confined areas and is capable of digging in hard dirt.

Our job is to develop in you the front bucket skills that you will need to have to become certified with the Skid Steer. Actually, when you complete our training, you will be able to figure out and operate all of the Skid Steers that are out there.


To get Skid Steer and Dump Truck certified here at Deep Creek Construction School, you will need to successfully demonstrate all of the following:

  • Memorized safety information
  • A complete walk around safety inspection
  • Control Identification
  • Start Up Procedures
  • Front Bucket Specific Tasks
    • The ability to get a full bucket of dirt.
    • The ability to get three full buckets of dirt from a trench or a pile and properly place them in a truck or fill site and to do it all within 10 minutes.
    • The ability to keep both approaches in proper condition.
    • The ability to make a proper dump.
  • Shutdown Procedures
  • Preventative Maintenance Checklist


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We intend to train and certify you on 10 pieces of heavy equipment, what we refer to as “horizontal” or “yellow” equipment. We also intend to train and certify you in 10 different site skills.