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Skip-Loader Grader Training

A qualified and professional Skip-Loader Grader Operator will only operate equipment that is in good working condition. He will operate it safely and to construction standards. Our students are required to get 3 full buckets of dirt and properly place them in a dump within 10 minutes. They need to get full buckets of dirt, keep their approach groomed and keen the trench groomed. The training videos below will give the contractor the Proof of Competence he is looking for in his Skip-loader Grader Operator. We do these videos for all our students. We train on 10 different pieces of equipment and 10 different site skills.  Note: We do not train on just the “Skip-Loader Grader.”

The video below shows a student demonstrating the Start-Up-Procedures for the Skiploader Grader. He has already done a walk around safety inspection and control identification. He does Start-Up-Procedures to get familiar with the controls, make sure the attachments work properly, and to cycle the hydraulic fluid through the system.

In this next video, the student in demonstrating digging a trench in the ground with a Skip-Loader Grader and getting a full bucket of dirt. videos of the Skip-Loader Grader Skills give the Proof of Competence that contractors are looking for. We train on 10 different pieces of equipment and 10 different site skills.  We do not train specifically on the “Skip-Loader Grader.”


We intend to train and certify you on 10 pieces of heavy equipment, what we refer to as “horizontal” or “yellow” equipment. We also intend to train and certify you in 10 different site skills.