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Why Choose US?

Because our training works!
It really, really, really, works!

Because the Skills are real.
That are complete, accurate, and trade specific.

Because the training is the best you can get.
You are trained well enough to train others.

Because the skills developed here are recognized all over the World.
They are good in any place, anywhere, at any time.

Because these skills and this training is permanent.
Once you have them, you got them.

Because these are the skills you need.
Contractors are seeking operators with them.

Because those who went through our program, Will tell you this is true.
Call a few and ask them.


A certificate from Deep Creek Construction School is accepted by CAL TRANS, the counties and cities in the State of California, and the unions within the state.

Deep Creek Construction School has received its approval from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) in March 2006.

We are currently listed as training provider for the State of California. To find that listing, go to In the “Job Seekers” section, click on the “Eligible Trainer Provider List” (ETPL). Next, click on “Training Providers”. In the box for provider name, type in Deep Creek Construction School. Finally, click the submit button.

The Bureau of Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE) are functioning under a voluntary status. All off its members were approved by the BPPVE when that approval was required by law in the State of California. Today, they are maintaining their status on a voluntary basis. You can find that list of schools at Click on students/consumers. Go to: searchable database of accredited institutions. Under the name of institution, type in Deep Creek Construction School. Scroll down and click submit.


We intend to train and certify you on 10 pieces of heavy equipment, what we refer to as “horizontal” or “yellow” equipment. We also intend to train and certify you in 10 different site skills.